Agnethe Tellefsen at Dramatikkens Hus, Oslo, Norway 2010
Agnethe Tellefsen at Dramatikkens Hus, Oslo, Norway 2010

Agnethe Tellefsen (New York 1975) has studied and worked internationally, born in NY, grew up in Oslo, Norway, worked 16 years in Spain as a freelancer and is now back in Norway working at the National Theatre. She undertook her studies at Nottingham Trent University, UK, in Theatre Design and now works as a professional Stage and Lighting Designer. Her career has taken her to many places around the world, like Germany, France, Italy, United States, India, South Corea, Qatar, England and more working with a variety of companies. Her professional career began as a Set Designer for Visittid, a production by the National School of Dramatic Arts in Oslo, Norway. She created her own Theatre Company, Devious Fly, through which she produced, directed and designed Anomalía Oscilatoria with performances in various European countries. She moved to Madrid, Spain in 1999 and started her own business as a Set and Lighting Designer working mainly for independent theatre and dance companies.


She became the permanent Set and Lighting Designer for the Madrid based Puppet Theatre Company Elfo Teatro in 2005 touring with them throughout Spain. As a Lighting Designer for dance she started working with Psico Ballet de Maite León, an award winning Dance Company known for their work integrating disabled people in the Performing Arts. The company with approximately 35 disabled dancers tours Spain and Europe at international festivals and EU events.


Through Dibujos choreographed by the reknowned flamenco artist Belen Maya, Agnethe was introduced to the world of flamenco, performances combining live music and dance. She worked as Lighting Director for her company and many others touring many parts of the world. She started making lighting designs for various flamenco and spanish dance productions such as the Larachi Flamenca Festival in Seville and Paris, Artomatico, Estévez Paños y Compañia (Spanish National Dance Award 2019), Sara Calero, Guadalupe Torres, Pedro Córdoba and Manuel Liñan (Spanish National Dance Award 2017) amongst others. From dance to music with the CD release of Camerata Flamenco Project at Madrid International Jazz Festival and since then she designed also for Gema Caballero, Esperanza Fernández, Carmen Linares & Jorge Pardo Trio for some of their national and international tours.


As a Set Designer she created Mamááá produced by La Recua Teatro and performed by well-known actors  Terele Páves and Carles Castillo. She designed the set and light for Hemmeligheten (The Secret), produced and performed by Tiril Pharo, a production of interactive theatre where the audience was seated inside the set for a very different theatre experience.

Currently she is persuing her career in Norway, now working as a Lighting Director at the National Theatre. Since she came to Norway in 2015 she did the lighting design for  Motortown, directed by Bjørn Floberg at the National Theatre and for Enemy of the Duck, a version of An Enemy of the People / The Wild Duck by the islandic director Thorleifur Orn-Arnarsson presented for the opening of the International Ibsen Festival 2016. Nominated for "The Show of the Year" at the "Hedda Awards" 2017. In 2019 she designed the lights for Meg Nær and Romeo and Juliet both directed by star director Sigrid Strøm Reibo and both showing at the National Theatre in Oslo.