"What Artomático and Dospormedio (Rafael Estévez&Valeriano Paños) with Antonio Ruz have presented at

the Central Theatre of Comedies in Alcalá de Henares is a show that overflows with purity. Contemporary

dance, flamenco and Spanish dance merge with each other on stage, without ever losing their respective

identities and personalities. Together they manage to create something new, something so modern that it

draws a loop in time and goes back to the deepest root!", November 2012

"Danza 220V, contemporary flamenco in the raw at “Paris Quartier d’Eté”.

In the imposing Rafael Estévez and the spindly Nani Paños we have discovered an astonishing duet. One

seems to be carrying the entire weight of a long tradition that vibrates even in the tips of his fingers. The

other simply seems to be flying. Surrounded by the dancer and choreographer Antonio Ruz (who achieves a

dazzling performance on the floor), the singer Sandra Carrasco and the electro minimalist music of the band

Artomático, in the half-light they carry out a grandiose spectacle! ", July 2012