"The remarkably bare stage was a great way to frame the Andalusian dancers and their incredibly gifted musicians."...

"Another really beautiful moment was when the singer, José Anillo, sang a verse which included a sentence that said “I am a furniture of sadness wrapped in...”; what a way to frame the empty chair lit in the pool of light.

Trasmín was a refreshing show with a simplicity that allowed the exploration of form through genuine and original choreography. The bareness of the stage did not reflect a lack of something but rather amplified the spirit and energy. Very few people can fill a theatre like Sadler's Wells without staging tricks or using props; Liñán and Maya exemplified beauty as they moved in an elated fashion across the bare stage."

BACHTRACK - Rosamaria Kostic Cisneros


" Sadler’s Wells a similar, simple stage setting had the two dancers firmly at the centre of the show." - Graham Watts